Caregiver Bootcamps

In collaboration with various community based organizations, we organize a one-day intensive training program, the Caregiver Bootcamp, for dementia caregivers. The Caregiver Bootcamp is an immersive experience led by UCLA faculty and staff with expertise in dementia and behavioral management, patient safety, and caregiver stress reduction. Organized into interactive didactic session, topics include:

  1. Basics of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  2. Recreation Therapy
  3. Promoting home safety
  4. Changes in living arrangements, communication and negotiation
  5. Behavioral management for patients with dementia
  6. Effective medication management
  7. Meditation/Stress reduction

At the end of the session, participants get to practice skills such as managing agitation, effective communication and ensuring patient safety with trained, standardized patients. A support group meets on-site to allow caregivers to discuss their concerns. On-site respite care is available during the bootcamp. The Caregiver Bootcamp is offered four times per year.


“I would like to extend my gratitude for this wonderful Caregiver Boot Camp. Very friendly atmosphere and lovely staff, Helpful with questions, concept good teaching materials. Intensive accelerated Caregiver Boot Camp was really interesting and informative. I feel it has given me tools for me and my love ones, also made me very knowledgeable about dementia and risk factors. I would have preferred to have a bit more time here and would definitely love to return to Caregiver Boot Camp again and learn more.”

“The Boot Camp was outstanding. Dr. Tan [was] very knowledgeable and helpful in providing info on Dementia and ways to work with behavior. All presenters were experienced and provided info and assistance in areas of their expertise. I gained lots of info, ways to work with PT, and motivation to change my ways to be more effective with PT’s situation and our home. The boot camp is recommended for everyone who is a caregiver. Lots of things presented which I will try to integrate into our lives here. Thanks for the recommendation.”