Caregiver 101 is a library of educational resources which includes text-based, web-based, and video-based training materials ranging from coping with a new dementia diagnosis to dealing with behavioral problems in persons with advanced disease. The materials are in the form of books, pamphlets, and DVDs as well as streaming web video content and can be tailored by the Dementia Care Managers according to the caregiver’s learning styles and preferences. This includes the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care program’s video series illustrating the seven most problematic behaviors encountered by caregivers.

Caregivers are encouraged to borrow these resources from their Dementia Care Managers.

Lending Library Resource Guide:

  • Iris (DVD)
  • Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (DVD)
  • Bathing Without a Battle (DVD)
  • The 4-Part Savvy Caregiver Course
    • Session 1: Introduction to Dementia and Caregiver (DVD)
    • Session 2: Minimizing Confusion and Taking Charge (DVD)
    • Session 3: Activities and Loss of Abilities (DVD)
    • Session 4: Providing Structure and Support (DVD)
    • Dementia Caregiving Strategies: Homework (CD-ROM)
  • The 36-Hour Day (book)
  • A dignified Life (book)
  • On Pluto (book)
  • Kirtin Kriya Meditation (CD)
  • Coach Broyle’s Playbook (English and Spanish)
  • Electronic Pill Box (sample)